Risk-based software security analysis that scales

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Writing good
software is hard

Making it
secure is

As industrial device software becomes prevalent, manufacturers struggle to keep up with its growing complexity and the expanding device attack surface. Your Product Security teams are frustrated by a software supply chain they’re effectively blind to, challenged by costly manual research practices and overwhelmed with new regulations and standards.

Without context-aware automated vulnerability management you risk exposure to regulatory violations, liability claims and brand equity erosion.

Transforming IIoT Vulnerability Management

Cybellum enables OEMs and their  suppliers to develop and maintain secure IIoT devices. Our Cyber Digital Twins™ platform provides the visibility, context and automation needed to scale vulnerability management throughout the industrial device lifespan.

Complete Coverage

Manage vulnerabilities and security gaps in industrial devices, protecting them from CVEs and zero-days. All via binary analysis. No source code needed

Compliance Comes Standard

Comply with vulnerability management requirements set by industry regulations and standards such as IEC 62443 and ETSI EN 303 645 and with your own policies

Shift to Automatic

Scale up vulnerability management across development programs with minimal manual effort, so you can meet and beat deadlines and prevent security risks

Actionable Insights

Bring context to chaos and eliminate irrelevant vulnerabilities, so you can prioritize your team’s efforts and quickly resolve security gaps, aided by our remediation recommendations

Always-on Surveillance

Continuously monitor new and existing vulnerabilities via real-time, aggregated threat intelligence, to keep your products secure across their lifespan

Ongoing Impact Analysis

Track your asset inventory and risk exposure to gauge your security status across development programs and deployed assets, to advance your cyber resilience

Single Platform Efficiency

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The Cyber Digital Twins™ platform provides you the infrastructure to develop and maintain secure products at scale. It unifies pre-production Product Security Assessments with post-production Product Security Operations, providing you the visibility, context and agility needed to secure industrial devices across their lifespan. No source code needed.